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Haruka Sasaki

“When I paint, I’m trying to intuit; if I have some idea or theme, I search for some history or stories. I try to dig deep inside, find the unseen, and the not visible. I paint always with a positive message.”

Haruka was born and raised in Nagano, Japan. She grew up surrounded by big expanses of nature, thus she faces things with her intuitive feelings. 
From the age of 12 to 15, she participated in the traditional performing arts of Mikomai (a sacred dance performance dedicated to the Shinto gods) in her region. At the same time, she learned about ancient Shinto spirits and Buddhist philosophy in her daily life. Later, Haruka began painting inspired by the world’s ancient cultures. 
In 2011, she moved her base to Berlin, Germany. 
The living line of her painted art shows the pure energy of life and connects back to the primitive self. Haruka honors the Japanese sense for colors and balance with her powerful and sensitive feminine force in the brush stroke. 
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Sumi-e Painting performance at FORTALICYJNE FESTIVAL - Zamosc, Poland
In collaboration with Thomas Zimmermann, Piotr Stefanski, Paweł Dudziński 

2019.29.Mar - 13.Jun
Solo Exhibition "Deine Innere Erde" – Frauenkreise, Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibition – "elemente" at Artist Homes, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition “Khayamiya zwischenraum” at Lange Nacht der Bilder Lichtenberg - BLO ATELIER / Studio G3, Berlin, Germany 

Group Exhibition "Wilder Garten creation castle" – Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, Germany

Solo Exhibition "DEINE INNERE QUELLE" – Frauenkreise, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition – The Loft NYC 47th Anniversary, NY, USA

Solo Exhibition – Lemoart, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibition – Lemoart, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition – BLO-Ateliers, Berlin, Germany

”Sumi-e / Sound Painting" performance tour 2019 (Germany & Poland)
Sumi-e live painting: Haruka Sasaki / Music: Haruhiko Okabe (Sax, Hichiriki /JP)
18.06 19:30- Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut / Herrnhut, Germany
19.06 19:00- Macondo / Wrocław, Poland
20.06 19:00- Nowina 5 / Polska, Poland
21.06 20:00- Lubiąż, Poland 
24.06 20:00- Artist Homes / Berlin, Germany
26.06 19:00- Werkhalle Wiesenburg / Berlin, Germany

Sound performance in collaboration with the guitarist Naomi Motomura and the leaves of word by Haruka for the Finissage of Haruka's solo exhibition.. 

”Sumi-e / Sound Painting" performance tour in Germany :  6 shows
in collaboration with Günter Heinz & Haruhiko Okabe 
17.06 at Kleinwaltersdorf Kirche, Freiberg
16.06 20:00- at UNI IM BAUERNHAUS GOSSBERG, Grossberg
16.06 15:00- at im Kurpark von Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Thermalbad Wiesenbad
15.06 at BlaueFablik, Dresden
14.06 at Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin
12.06 at Artist-Homes, Berlin

"Sumi-e / Sound Painting” Performance tour in Germany :  4 shows 
/ Live Painting: Haruka Sasaki (Sumi-e) / Impro Music: Günter Heinz (Trombone, Flute etc /DE) & Haruhiko Okabe (Sax, Hichiriki /JP)
13.08 at Galerie Nicolaikirche, Auerbach
12.08 at Annenkapelle Freiberg (am Dom)
11.08 at Blaue Fabrik ​Dresden
10.08 at Frauenkreise, Berlin

Live Painting Performance – Odyssia Festival / Alepokhóri, Greece

Live Painting Performance – Lichtblick Festival / Berlin, Germany

Painting workshop for children "Haiku und Bild" at Shapes of Haiku – Lettrétage

Sumi-e painting workshop "Pinsel-Kunst" at Shapes of Haiku – Lettrétage 
Seen in published productions

– "Takashi Minamiura signature model" Dream Of Jade / VIKING 160 by VOLTAGEdesign (JP)  

Book Cover Illustration
- Matilda TheeGreat "The Foreign Me!" by AuthorHouseUK (UK)

Album cover artwork
– Sizzla & Savona “COLD WAR the remix EP” by Muti Music (USA)

– “Mermaid" 2015-2016 model / The Snow Surf Series by GENTEMSTICK (JP) 

Illustration work (animation)
– short film “The Saviour” opening animation
(Director: Charlotte Roustang / Awards & screenings in Berlin, Hof, Houston, Mumbai, Paris 2014-2015)

EP label artwork
– G. Mitchell & Jebski feat. Kengo Ono "Natsu EP1” by PAD (JP)

DVD cover artwork
- ykanoa × sakti  “Pile Of Time” by PileOfTime (JP)