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Haruka was born and raised in Nagano, Japan where she was surrounded by large expanses of nature. This upbringing is the root of her intuitive emotional approach. Her spiritual awareness is informed by Buddhist philosophy, Shinto traditions, and a belief in spirits residing in nature (Nature spirits). These spiritual matters are integral to the culture of daily life in Japan and are communicated in the family, community, and the environment.
From the age of twelve to fifteen, Haruka participated in the traditional performance of Mikomai, a sacred dance performance dedicated to the Shinto gods, during her region’s rituals and festivals.
Later, she began to paint, inspired by the world’s ancient cultures and mythologies.

While still in high school in 1999, she won the First Prize in a National Competition for the symbol logo design of the Nagano Winter National Athletic Meet.

Studied graphic, product, interior, furniture, architecture design, drawing and color theory at a Yamazaki design academy in Gunma, Japan, graduated in 2002.
Her first professional carrier as an urban planning consultant, she worked on public environmental planning for prefectures and municipalities including preservation of the historic environment, park plans. She then her field to graphic design and gained experience.

In 2011, she moved her base to Berlin, Germany as a freelance artist.
On the basis of the experience she has gained up to that point, as an expressionist, Haruka works to honor the Japanese sense of color and balance and expresses a powerful, sensitive feminine force with her brush stroke. By using a “living line” in her paintings, she strives to capture the pure energy of life and create a connection with the primitive self. Because she believes all living things—even inanimate materials—have their own gods and spirits, she pays respect to the invisible with her art.

Since 2017, she has been collaborating with musicians on improvisational live performances of Sumi-e painting and touring in Europe. Her movements with the brush or fan during her performance shake the air, and the sound elements speak to the spirits.

In recent years, she has been actively engaged in collaborative work with people from various national backgrounds, learning from each other, deepening her own Japanese identity and spirituality, and through her expression, connecting more deeply with the world and returning her respect for the earth and ancestors to the present.

Haruka Sasaki, an experienced professional artist in the field of art & design for more than 20 years. Striving to create with meticulous attention to detail and thrive on exciting art projects such as art performance, collaboratiing with some different type of artists and companies. 
The fields of activity are diverse: Painting (with multiple techniques), Live painting, Sumi-e painting impro performance, Art performance, Sound performance, Graphic design, Graphic art, Illustration, Product design / manufacturing  and Art teaching.


2011年にドイツ・ベルリンに移住。 これまでに培ってきた経験を基盤に、フリーランスアーティストとして表現に生きることを決意する。
ベルリンをはじめヨーロッパ諸国、ニューヨーク(US) など様々なロケーションで作品展示、ライブペインティングパフォーマンス、即興音楽家とのコラボレーションによる即興墨絵パフォーマンス、サウンドパフォーマンス、ワークショップ開催など様々な活動を通し、自身の中にある潜在的な感覚を更に探求しながら、作品制作に魂からの思いを込め、表現を通してメッセージを発信し続けている。


Past experiences, emotions and sensations are the protagonists of the Japanese contemporary artist Haruka Sasaki's works. 
Strength and energy hover around her paintings that come alive thanks to bright colors and moving shapes. Each element, whether alive or inanimate, has a soul: the artist tries to represent it through her works according to her imagination. 
Haruka's art speaks of the world around us; Haruka's art speaks to the heart of the beholder.
- Art Curator Camilla Gilardi

Group Exhibition International Art Exhibition "Brain Cake" GAUDI ROOM - CASA MILA' "LA PEDRERA" - Barcellona, Spain  – 28. Dec
Group Exhibition International Art Exhibition "YELLOW" – M.A.D.S ART GALLERY – Milano, Italy / Fuerteventura, Canary Islands   – 28. April - 05. May 

Solo Exhibition 2021 "Reflexion" – Frauenkreise, Berlin, Germany   – 24. Sep - 12. Nov 
Group Exhibition"160 Jahre Japan-Deutschland" – Gesundheitszentrum, Berlin, Germany   – 25. Jan - 18. Sep

Group exhibition"Kunstmeile Lichtenberg" - Haruka Sasaki at EIS KAFFEE, Berlin, Germany   – 21. Aug - 04. Sep 

Solo Exhibition"Deine Innere Erde" – Frauenkreise, Berlin, Germany   – 29. Mar - 13. Jun 

Solo Exhibition"elemente" – Artist Homes, Berlin, Germany   – 29. Nov - 20. Dec 
Group Exhibition“Khayamiya zwischenraum” at Lange Nacht der Bilder Lichtenberg - BLO ATELIER, Berlin, Germany   – 14. Sep 
Group Exhibition"Wilder Garten creation castle" – Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, Germany   – 01 - 24. Jun 

Solo Exhibition"DEINE INNERE QUELLE" – Frauenkreise, Berlin, Germany   – 20. jul - 19. Oct 
Group Exhibition"The Loft NYC 47th Anniversary"  –  LOFT, NY,  USA   – 14. Feb 

Solo Exhibition– Lemoart, Berlin, Germany  – 12 - 15. Sep
Group Exhibition– Lemoart, Berlin, Germany  – 05. Jun - 03. Jul

Exhibition– BLO-Ateliers, Berlin, Germany - 16. Jul

"Sound Painting" -improvisation- Sound & Art PerformanceThomas Zimmermann × Haruka Sasaki - Lichtenberg, Berlin, Germany  - 28. Aug

Sumi-e Painting performance at FORTALICYJNE FESTIVAL - Zamosc, Poland  In collaboration with Piotr Stefanski, Paweł Dudziński   - 27 - 29. September
”Sumi-e | Sound Painting" performance tour 2019 (Germany & Poland) : 6 shows   -  2019. 18 - 26. Jun
Sumi-e live painting: Haruka Sasaki Music: Haruhiko Okabe (Sax, Hichiriki /JP)
Locations: Völkerkundemuseum Herrnhut, Herrnhut, Germany // Macondo, Wrocław, Poland // Nowina 5, Polska, Poland // Lubiąż, Poland // Artist Homes, Berlin, Germany // Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, Germany
Sound performance in collaboration with the guitarist Naomi Motomura and the leaves of word by Haruka for the Finissage of Haruka's solo exhibition. // Frauenkreise, Berlin, Germany  - 13. Jun

”Sumi-e | Sound Painting" performance tour in Germany : 6 shows  - 12 - 17. Jun
in collaboration with Günter Heinz & Haruhiko Okabe 
Locations: Kleinwaltersdorf Kirche, Freiberg // UNI IM BAUERNHAUS GOSSBERG, Grossberg // im Kurpark von Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Thermalbad Wiesenbad // BlaueFablik, Dresden // Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin // Artist-Homes, Berlin - Germany

"Sumi-e | Sound Painting” Performance tour in Germany : 4 shows   - 10 - 13. Aug
Live Painting: Haruka Sasaki (Sumi-e) Impro Music: Günter Heinz (Trombone, Flute etc /DE) & Haruhiko Okabe (Sax, Hichiriki /JP)
Locations: Galerie Nicolaikirche, Auerbach // Annenkapelle Freiberg (am Dom) // Blaue Fabrik ​Dresden // Frauenkreise, Berlin - Germany

Live Painting Performance – Odyssia Festival // Alepokhóri, Greece  - 30. Aug - 05. Sep

Live Painting Performance – Lichtblick Festival // Berlin, Germany  - August
Seen in published productions

– "Ai Kunioka signature model" / Seascape 149 by VOLTAGEdesign (JP)  

– "Takashi Minamiura signature model" Dream Of Jade / VIKING 160 by VOLTAGEdesign (JP)  

Book Cover Illustration
- Matilda TheeGreat "The Foreign Me!" by AuthorHouseUK (UK)

Album cover artwork
– Sizzla & Savona “COLD WAR the remix EP” by Muti Music (USA)

– “Mermaid" 2015-2016 model / The Snow Surf Series by GENTEMSTICK (JP) 

Illustration work (animation)
– short film “The Saviour” opening animation
(Director: Charlotte Roustang / Awards & screenings in Berlin, Hof, Houston, Mumbai, Paris 2014-2015)

EP label artwork
– G. Mitchell & Jebski feat. Kengo Ono "Natsu EP1” by PAD (JP)

DVD cover artwork
- ykanoa × sakti “Pile Of Time” by PileOfTime (JP)