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Sound & Art Performance

15. 09. 2023 (Fri) 20:00 at Werkhalle Wiesenburg

Wiesenstrasse 55 | 13357 Berlin-Wedding

Haruka Sasaki & Ernst Bier
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Sound Painting  - improvisation - 

in collaboration with Jazz drummer Ernst Bier and painter Haruka Sasaki. 
The two artists inspire each other in the space of the "moment"; improvise their new creations with sound, art and movement in the art space of Werkhalle Wiesenburg.

Haruka Sasaki - Sumi-e Painting
Coming from Nagano, Japan, a region embraced by its flourishing landscapes, her artistic sensibilities are deeply rooted in this nurturing environment. Influenced by the profound philosophies of Buddhism, the timeless customs of Shinto, and an unwavering belief in the spirits that reside within nature, her artistic journey unfolds.
Haruka's creations extend beyond the tangible, paying homage to the unseen forces that inhabit all living beings, even inanimate matter. 
Sumi-e painting is one of the Japanese traditional art forms also called Suibokuga, 
Haruka's movements shaking the air tributes to the spirits of the sound and the space.

Ernst Bier - Drums
Once a student of Billy Brooks, Charlie Persip, Vernell Fournier and Elvin Jones. 
In reference to his drumming, words such as "high empathy, devotion and constructiveness" are heard early on. 
The Bonner Rundschau newspaper attests him "musicality and playfulness". When he, like many European jazz musicians, 
feels the urge to "get to the roots", Bier consequently immerses himself in the New York scene from 1982 to 1987. 
Back in Europe, active touring work follows in a large number of different projects, 
the search for the liveliest scene finally leads him to Berlin.

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