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Group Exhibition 

MAY 30 - JUNE 15. 2024
Group Exhibition "SPRING" at LiTE-HAUS gallery + project room

Mareschstr. 4 VH, 12055, Berlin, Germany 


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JUNE 1. - 12. 2024
Group Exhibition “Home: A Journey of Identity and Belonging”
by Chromart Art Space - at Culterim Gallery

Brunnenstraße 107, 13355 Berlin, Germany

VERNISSAGE : Saturday JUNE 01. 19:00-22:30

FINISSAGE : Wednesday JUNE 12. 18:00-20:00

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May 15. & 16. 2024
"Improvisation" Sound Painting Performance

Haruka Sasaki (Sumi-e) feat. Ernst Bier (Drums) & Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson (Trumpet) 

Galerie Elfriede Fechner | Fechnerstr.11 10717 Berlin, Germany

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Art Fair
May 10. - 24. 2024
"CONSCIOUSNESS" at ANIMA MUNDI / Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello

Associazione Culturale Italo - Tedesca (ACIT), Cannaregio 4118, Venice, Italy

Opening hours | Monday - Friday . 09:30 - 17:30          |         OPENING Event : May 10. 2024 | 18:00
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the Art fair CONSCIOUSNESS, second appointment of ANIMA MUNDI 2024, which take place in Venice, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello on May 10 to 24, 2024, during the 60th Venice Biennale of Art.

ANIMA MUNDI is the invisible energy behind all the natural and artificial elements that allow the planet to live. Thanks to the hidden connections of ANIMA MUNDI, all the ecosystems of the Earth, before and after the appearance of mankind, found their equilibrium, their ways to live and to develop themselves, to transform and to evolve. All the beings of the planet, plants, minerals, and animals are permeated by a secret force that has always stimulated human thought and research.

Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello
Associazione Culturale Italo-Tedesca (ACIT), Cannaregio 4118, Venice
Opening hours | Monday - Friday . 09.30 AM - 05.30 PM

September 13. 2024
"Improvisation" Sound Painting Performance
Haruka Sasaki (Sumi-e), Ernst Bier (Drums) & Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson (Trumpet) - Berlin, Germany
Solo Exhibition 2023

"KOTODAMA - the magic of words"

13. October 2023 - 26. January 2024

at Frauenkreise, Berlin
(Chorinerstr.10, 10119 Berlin)

Kotodama: meaning the spirit that dwells in words. In ancient Japan it was believed that the spiritual power that resides in words could realise the content of linguistic expressions.
There are two sides to this belief: positive words are actively used to realise that which they express, and negative words are avoided or shunned. With this inherent energy, the words one utters can directly affect reality and manifest changes, for better or for worse. 

This exhibition presents a series of works in which words are incorporated into the Haruka’s artworks with gold-leaf calligraphy, bringing wealthy vibrational energy.

Exhibition : 13.10.2023 - 26.01.2024

Chorinerstr. 10 10119 | Berlin
Opening hours : Mon-Thu 12:00-16:00

Vernissage : 13.10.2023 (Fri) 19:00 -

Finissage :    26.01.2024 (Fri) 19:00 -

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Sound & Art Performance

15. 09. 2023 (Fri) 20:00 at Werkhalle Wiesenburg

Wiesenstrasse 55 | 13357 Berlin-Wedding

Haruka Sasaki & Ernst Bier

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Sound Painting  - improvisation-

in collaboration with Jazz drummer Ernst Bier and painter Haruka Sasaki. 
The two artists inspire each other in the space of the "moment" ; improvise their new creations with sound, art and movement in the art space of Werkhalle Wiesenburg.

Haruka Sasaki - Sumi-e Painting
Coming from Nagano, Japan, a region embraced by its flourishing landscapes, her artistic sensibilities are deeply rooted in this nurturing environment. Influenced by the profound philosophies of Buddhism, the timeless customs of Shinto, and an unwavering belief in the spirits that reside within nature, her artistic journey unfolds.
Haruka's creations extend beyond the tangible, paying homage to the unseen forces that inhabit all living beings, even inanimate matter. 
Sumi-e painting is one of the Japanese traditional art forms also called Suibokuga, Haruka's movements shaking the air tributes to the spirits of the sound and the space.

Ernst Bier - Drums
Once a student of Billy Brooks, Charlie Persip, Vernell Fournier and Elvin Jones. 
In reference to his drumming, words such as "high empathy, devotion and constructiveness" are heard early on. The Bonner Rundschau newspaper attests him "musicality and playfulness". When he, like many European jazz musicians, feels the urge to "get to the roots", Bier consequently immerses himself in the New York scene from 1982 to 1987. Back in Europe, active touring work follows in a large number of different projects, the search for the liveliest scene finally leads him to Berlin.
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27.08.2023 Sunday
One of the Japanese traditional art forms “SUMI-E” (Tuschemalerei) workshop for beginners with Haruka Sasaki.
SUMI-E is made of Sumi ink on rice paper, Haruka will guide you how to use the calligraphy brush and ink and you can take your own artwork when it's finished.

Haruka Sasaki   Instagram 

27. Aug. 2023 12:00 – 19:00
Festsaal Kreuzberg, Am Flutgraben 2, 12435 Berlin

ENTRY for JAPANMARKT :  buy ticket online ↓

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EuropArtFair 2023 
Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 14th - 16th 2023
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Dates and opening times
VIP preview : Friday July 14 2023   17:00 – 21:00 
Fair weekend : Saturday July 15 2023   11:00 – 17:30
                       Sunday July 16 2023 11:00 – 17:30

Location :  Westergas, Klönneplein 1 in Amsterdam
more info :
M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY presents
APRIL 28th - MAY 4th
OPENING 28.04.2022 16.00 GMT+1


24. September 2021 - 12. November 2021

Solo Exhibition 2021


at Frauenkreise, Berlin
(Chorinerstr.10, 10119 Berlin)

Vernissage : 24.09.2021 (Fri) 19:00-
Finissage : 12.11.2021 (Fri) 19:00-
Group exhibition "160 Jahre Japan-Deutschland"
25. January - 18. September 2021

Exhibiting works :    ‘Birth’ 2016    &   ‘Harmonize’ 2018

Opening hours: 8:00-20:00 (Monday to Friday)

Location : Gesundheitszentrum Potsdamer Platz (Eichhornstr.2 10785 Berlin)
Curated by : Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft Berlin e.V.
28.08.2020 (Friday)
Improvisation - Sound & Art Performance
at EIS KAFFEE - Margaretenstraße 27, 10317 Berlin
An article about Kunstmeile in Berliner Woche / 02.09.2020
  • Berliner Woche
21.08-04.09.2020   Group Exhibition
-Kunstmeile Lichtenberg-

Haruka Sasaki at EIS KAFFEE 

- Margaretenstraße 27, 10317 Berlin
Mo-So 13:00-20:00
Workshop: Vielfalt der Kalligraphie
at Sommerferienprogramm im Young Arts Donaustraße
Hast du jemals darüber nachgedacht, wie Menschen in anderen Teilen der Welt miteinander kommunizieren? In diesem Workshop experimentieren wir mit Schriftzeichen aus verschiedenen Kulturen und erforschen die Kunstform der Kalligraphie. Wir werden eine Zeitreise machen, um zu sehen, wie sich Schriftzeichen aus der Vergangenheit bis heute entwickelt haben und wie z.B. Tiere oder das Gewitter und andere Merkmale dabei eine wichtige Rolle spielen (z. B. Schriftzeichen der Maya, aus Japan, Alt-Ägypten, aber auch das griechische und arabische Alphabet). 
Am Ende des Workshops hat jede*r von euch die Möglichkeit, sein eigenes Alphabet zu schreiben.

Kursleiter*innen: Haruka Sasaki, Melina Castillo, Hanaa El Degham und Dimitra Merz
Alter: 9-12 Jahre
Wo: Donaustr. 42, 12043 Berlin
Uhrzeit: 9-13 Uhr
2019.29.March - 13.June
Solo Exhibition 2019 
"Deine Innere Erde"
at Frauenkreise, Berlin 
(Chorinerstr.10, 10119 Berlin)

Vernissage : 29.03.2019 (Fri) 19:00-
Finissage : 13.06.2019 (Thu) 19:00-

"Haiku und Bild" Painting workshop for children – Lettrétage (Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin) 
for more info & registration here →

"Pinsel-Kunst" Sumi-e painting workshop – Lettrétage (Mehringdamm 61, 10961 Berlin) 
for more info & registration here →

2018 29.November - 20.December
Solo Exhibition "elemente"
– Artist Homes, Berlin (Hohenzollerndamm 120, 14199, Berlin)
29.11.2018 (Thu) 19:30
Vernissage & Concert: Con-Trust! Part 4 presented by Trio Rin
Ruben Mattia Santorsa (Guitar)

  • Solo exhibition in Berlin
2018-2019 Winter season
Release - Graphic Artwork on Snowboard 
Takashi Minamiura signature model / "Dream Of Jade/2017"
– VOLTAGEdesign (Snowboard Brand, Japan) 
  • Snowboard Artwork
2018 September
There are articles about new lineups for this upcoming season. This one 'Takashi Minamiura model' is designed with my panting (Dream of Jade /2017). All custom made - Voltage Design.Viking 160 / TAKASHI MINAMIURA SPECIAL (
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2018 June
Sumi-e / Sound Painting" performance tour 2018
in collaboration with Günter Heinz & Haruhiko Okabe 
12.06 Artist Homes, Berlin
14.06 Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin
15.06 BlaueFablik, Dresden
16.06 15:00- im Kurpark von Thermalbad Wiesenbad, Thermalbad Wiesenbad
16.06 20:00- UNI IM BAUERNHAUS GOSSBERG, Grossberg
17.06 Kleinwaltersdorf Kirche, Freiberg
2018. 01-24 June
Group Exhibition "Wilder Garten creation castle
– Werkhalle Wiesenburg, Berlin, Germany
2017 December 
2018 Calendar release 
  • 2018 Calendar
2017 December
Book Cover Illustration - "The Foreign ME! / Matilda TheeGreat" 2017 
Check on Amazon
  • Book Cover Illustration
2017 August
"Sumi-e / Sound Painting" Performance Tour 2017
10.Aug : Frauenkreise, Berlin
11.Aug : BlaueFabrik, Dresden
12.Aug : Dorfkirche Kleinwaltersdorf, Freiberg
13.Aug : Galerie Nicolaikirche, Auerbach

About Sumi-e Project
A performance project "Sumi-e" in collaboration with free improvised musician Günter Heinz (Trombone) & Haruhiko Okabe (Saxophone, Hichiriki)
and Painter Haruka Sasaki.
Check on Vimeo
  • Sumi-e
2017. 20 July - 19 October
Solo Exhibition 
– Frauenkreise, Berlin,Germany
  • Solo Exhibition