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Artwork Description 
“Home: A Journey of Identity and Belonging”
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/ Mon - Gate
 : Acrylic, Mixed media, 24k gold leaf on Canvas-board 25×25cm, Wooden frame 30×30cm / 2023   * incl. frame 

Mon = Gate. The place through which things must pass. The stage that must first pass in order to reach a certain state or condition.
Clan, One family / The place where one receives teachings / A fellow student who shares the same teacher / Affiliation of learning or doctrine.
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/ U
: Acrylic, 24k Gold-leaf 30×30cm / 2023   * incl. frame

U = World covered by the sky, Heaven, Earth, four directions, up and down. 
Universe, Infinite space. heart. spirit. roof. home. capacity, A broad and generous mind. 
The ability and human virtues suitable for doing certain things.
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/ Kotowari
 : Acrylic, Gold-leaf on Canvas-board 25×25cm, Wooden frame 30×30cm / 2023

Kotowari, Ri = The way things are, the truth, the reason, the fundamental principle of the universe, the immutable law, the principle, the law of reason, understanding, indisputable truths, polishing, arranging, Refining (means to polish a unpasteurised gem to shed its beautiful pattern)
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/ Hachi - expansion
: Acrylic, 24k Gold-leaf on Canvas-board 25×25cm, mixed media on paper 30×30cm / 2023   * incl. frame

Hachi = 8 , expansion, increase success, prosperous, spreading out.
A pictogram / Geometrical image of “something divided into two”
When written as“eight”in kanji, it means 'spreading out', as the lower part spreads out, and is considered good luck in Japan.
In ancient Japan, 8 was considered a sacred number, and was also used to vaguely indicate a “large number”, this is because in ancient times, it was not common to count numbers over 8.
"Happo" means not only the eight directions, but also "all directions" and "all sides".
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/ Hana
 : Acrylic, 24k Gold-leaf on dyed cotton 30×30cm / 2018, 2023

Hana = Flower, beautiful, glamorous, vivid, colourful, decorative, flourish, brilliance.
Characters in the form of a beautiful blooming flower on a tree.
Vertical lines show the stems, horizontal lines show the flowers spreading out. 
The upper part shows flowers and stems growing thickly. The lower part shows stems, trunk and branches growing.
Haruka Sasaki 
Kotodama: The Spirit Within Words

Kotodama: meaning the spirit that dwells in words. In ancient Japan it was believed that the spiritual power that resides in words could realise the content of linguistic expressions. 

There are two sides to this belief: positive words are actively used to realise that which they express, and negative words are avoided or shunned. With this inherent energy, the words one utters can directly affect reality and manifest changes, for better or for worse. 

This series of works delves into the essence of Kotodama, infusing calligraphy with the transformative energy of gold-leaf. Each piece embodies the vibrational power of carefully chosen words, resonating with the person on a deep, meditative level.

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