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Series/ KOTODAMA - the magic of words
Yama - Gravitations /
: Mixed media,
Gold leaf on Canvas 30cm triangle / 2023
Yama = mountain, many things gathered together, good luck
In ancient Japan, it has been considered a sacred area where gods lived, objects of worship, and places for Buddhist training.
The triangle represents the beginning, middle, and end, and is said to be the shape that ancient people considered most sacred.
Triangles are thought to be the basic shapes that can collect and release energy in the universe.
An upward-pointing triangle (△) indicates upward energy, and a downward-pointing triangle (▽) indicates downward energy, so by combining the two, you can create a stable star shape.
The equilateral triangle is a symbol of masculine energy, such as fire, mountains, God, and infinity. The inverted triangle is a symbol of feminine energy, such as water, the moon, and the underworld.
Therefore, when displaying this work, the meaning changes depending on whether it is displayed in the upward or downward direction.
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Kotodama: meaning the spirit that dwells in words. In ancient Japan it was believed that the spiritual power that resides in words could realise the content of linguistic expressions.There are two sides to this belief: positive words are actively used to realise that which they express, and negative words are avoided or shunned. With this inherent energy, the words one utters can directly affect reality and manifest changes, for better or for worse. 

This is a series of works in which words are incorporated into the artworks with gold-leaf calligraphy, bringing wealthy vibrational energy.