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Series/ KOTODAMA - the magic of words
Kotowari /
: Acrylic, Gold-leaf
on Canvasboard 25×25cm, Wooden frame 30×30cm / 2023
Kotowari, Ri 
The way things are, the truth, the reason, the fundamental principle of the universe, the immutable law, the principle, the law of reason, understanding, indisputable truths, subduing, arranging, Refining (means to polish a unpasteurised gem to shed its beautiful pattern)

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Kotodama: meaning the spirit that dwells in words. In ancient Japan it was believed that the spiritual power that resides in words could realise the content of linguistic expressions.There are two sides to this belief: positive words are actively used to realise that which they express, and negative words are avoided or shunned. With this inherent energy, the words one utters can directly affect reality and manifest changes, for better or for worse. 

This is a series of works in which words are incorporated into the artworks with gold-leaf calligraphy, bringing wealthy vibrational energy.